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For more than 95 years, Hartung has been an employer of choice founded on the principle of treating each other and our customers with dignity, respect and transparency. Your safety, your health, and your goals matter to us. That is why we prioritize a safe work environment, competitive pay and benefits, paid training and development, career building opportunities, and job security during uncertain times. We are looking for people who want to join our dedicated and diverse team and make a difference in the lives of our customers and our communities.

Committed to Culture


A Culture of Performance

We are glass people who are passionate about serving our customers and communities with high quality custom glass. We strive to create a culture of meritocracy and accountability in a collaborative and nurturing environment. We promote within and give you the tools you need to succeed through training and development, coaching and mentorship and supportive managers and coworkers. We are proud to have one of the longest average employee tenures in the glass industry because when you are at Hartung, you are family.

Grounded in Values

As a family-owned business, we are an entrepreneurial, values-based, mission-driven company. Our mission is to provide for both our employees and our communities. We believe that the values of respect, integrity, humility, gratitude and teamwork that have set us apart for more than 95 years, will continue to propel us into the future. We reward dedication and hard work with Service Awards, Good News Days, holiday parties, family BBQs, game nights, casino nights and ice cream trucks, to name only a few. Our “open door” policy is encouraged and practiced at every location. We believe that our team of talented and engaged individuals are what makes Hartung great.
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Committed to Your Wellness


Financial Rewards

Hartung offers competitive pay and incentive programs, matching 401k retirement plans, free-of-cost short and long-term disability insurance and various financial perks including cash advances and service and appreciation awards.


Health and Safety

Hartung is committed to your health and safety. From personal protective equipment and ongoing safety training to premier and affordable health, vision and dental benefits for you and your family, rest assured that your health and safety is our top priority.


Work-life balance

Hartung supports you at work and outside of work. We offer multiple shifts to fit your schedule, paid time off, work remote options for qualified individuals, volunteer opportunities and ongoing training programs to help you develop professionally and personally.

Committed to Veterans

Hartung is a proud employer of veterans and military spouses. We are grateful for your service and welcome you to the Hartung family. If you are ready to transition from the armed forces to a meaningful and challenging civilian career, consider sharing your talent with us.

Committed to Our Team

Elissa Davis
Branch Sales Manager

"Hartung has given me more than just a job, they gave me a career. I started in the industry knowing nothing about glass and being a temporary worker only working 2 days a week to growing to know so much over the years, learning in all aspects and taking on everything from HR to Payroll to wearing many other hats in the branch. I love all the people I work with and our little family here at the branch. Having a close knit group and working together with everyone makes a huge difference in our success and I look forward to continuing to work in the industry and continue to learn and grow."

Temp CSR
Full Time CSR
Office Manager
Branch Manager
Branch Sales Manager
Debi Hiner
Senior Customer Service Specialist

"I appreciate the fact that I was given the opportunity to learn and grow, and use my own judgement when helping our customers. To me, it says a lot about the company, when I can tell everyone, I STILL LOOK FORWARD to going to work each day. It’s not a paycheck, it’s an opportunity help others and get paid for doing it!"

Temporary Admin Assistant
CSR Specialist
Senior CSR Specialist
Will Weaver
Shift Supervisor

“Hartung glass is different than any of my previous jobs. Throughout the years I have found myself given the opportunity to learn many new skills. Applying all of my skills has never made me feel stagnant. Hartung rewards hard work with opportunity, and growth within the company. Overall I am thankful for the opportunity this company has given me.”

Shift Supervisor
Area Coordinator
Oven Operator
Spandrel/Frit Operator
Richard Clemons

“The most important aspect of Hartung Glass to me, is the understanding of the value of The Customer. Companies sometimes only focus on the product, just making sure to fulfill orders. Not thinking about quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. On my first day I was instructed "Never ship anything that I wouldn't pay for myself." That is how I have approached every single work day. I first started as what was defined as a helper. Just regulated to doing minimal tasks....i.e. getting supplies , cleaning up. Within the first month, I was elevated to Lead Loader. My responsibilities extended to loading local route trucks. Within that same year. I was once again elevated to taking on extra trucks and specialized jobs. Now I am responsible for one of Hartung major clients and training new employees on the correct Hartung procedures.”

Lead Ladder
Koutsada Phoutthavong
“Sada” Fabrication Supervisor

“Coming from one of the companies Hartung acquired, I am really looking forward to beginning my career with the Hartung Glass family. It will be exciting to see how my years of glass experience will be put to use. I look forward to learning new machines and further developing my skills alongside the Hartung crews.”

Fabrication Dept. Supervisor
Fabrication Dept. Head
Fabrication Dept. Lead
Dayshift Lead
Insulating Department
Michael Coyner
CDL Driver

“Since I started working for Hartung over five years ago, one thing I have learned is - it’s what we CAN DO, that others WON’T DO, that separates us from the competition. My team and all our teams pride ourselves on what we CAN DO! I am proud to be part of the Hartung family, where we go out of our way to insure the best customer experience for all of our customers.”

Samdara (Sam) Sambath

“I really like the opportunities that have been presented to me over the years. I enjoy my team and the challenges of the job. I was hired as a shipping clerk back in 2010, moved over to graveyard to help my family and was promoted to lead in 2018.”

Paul Arms
Shipping Supervisor

“I really like the people I work with and the freedom I’m allowed to lead my team and make decisions. Since I’ve been here I’ve worked with many different people in several different departments and have learned from several of them. I’m made to feel every day that I’m trusted and supported by my leadership team. I’m challenged on a daily basis which I like and pushed to be great at what I do.”

Shipping Supervisor

Spotlight Positions

Customer Service

As a Customer Service Representative, you will be the voice of the customer. You will work directly with customers to answer questions and address concerns while building lasting relationships. Your responsibilities will include entering orders, verifying accuracy and providing customers with confirmations. This role requires a customer focused attitude, attention- to-detail, problem solving and excellent communication skills.

Earn Cash and Work with Friends

Do you know someone who is a great fit for Hartung? When you refer a qualified candidate to Hartung and that person is hired, you will receive a cash bonus. Help us build our team today!

Machine Operators

As a Machine Operator, you are a hands-on employee processing glass through one of our many production lines. With your focus on consistent, accurate and a high quality of work, you will help create superior products for our customers. You will work in a safety- first environment with well-defined standards and supportive managers and coworkers. 1

Earn Cash and Work with Friends

Do you know someone who is a great fit for Hartung? When you refer a qualified candidate to Hartung and that person is hired, you will receive a cash bonus. Help us build our team today!


As a Supervisor, you will mentor and train team members. You will work with other departments and leaders to improve production flow. You will be responsible for planning and assigning work, appraising performance, coaching and implementing corrective actions. This role requires organization and prioritization skills and the ability to remain nimble and responsive to changing priorities and addressing situations as they arise.

Earn Cash and Work with Friends

Do you know someone who is a great fit for Hartung? When you refer a qualified candidate to Hartung and that person is hired, you will receive a cash bonus. Help us build our team today!

Delivery Drivers

As a Delivery Driver, you will deliver high quality flat glass products while serving as the face of Hartung for our customers. Delivering involves lifting and moving product on and off of the truck with or without the assistance of others. You will be responsible for verifying the product is properly secured to the truck and completing the necessary paperwork. You will be required to drive in a safe and responsible manner at all times while obeying the rules of the road.

Earn Cash and Work with Friends

Do you know someone who is a great fit for Hartung? When you refer a qualified candidate to Hartung and that person is hired, you will receive a cash bonus. Help us build our team today!

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Spirit Award

Committed to Social Responsibility

Hartung is committed to strengthening our local communities and creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Our products improve the energy efficiency of buildings and help create sustainable communities. From fabricating the glass for the first building in San Francisco to achieve platinum-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification to sponsoring local food drives to help those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Hartung is dedicated to operating a socially responsible business. Doing the right thing is in our DNA and in the products we make.

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If you want to be part of a team that values your ideas and dedication and provides you with opportunities for personal and professional growth, then Hartung is the place for you.

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