Mirrors are used for a variety of functional and aesthetic purposes. They can be found in bathrooms, stores, gyms, studios, art installations, and various interiors. A basic makeup of the modern mirror is a sheet of glass coated on one side with a metallic, reflective layer. Other protective layers follow on top, most commonly consisting of paint. This coat of paint protects the metallic layers from being exposed, which can lead to “mirror rot” or black-edge corrosion. Regardless of the application, Hartung can supply you with the mirror to fit your space. We stock only the highest level quality of mirror, providing a beautiful reflective surface and minimizing the chance of black-edge corrosion. Mirrors can be purchased in cases or individual sheets, depending on your desired volume. Because the primary structure to mirror is glass, all of our fabrication knowledge and expertise is easily translated to mirrors. We can cut individual sheets to endless sizes and shapes tailored to your specific project needs. .
Mirror Diagram

Why Choose Hartung?

Manufacturing Expertise

We apply decades of glass fabrication knowledge and expertise directly to our mirror products. We can manufacture mirrors in limitless shapes and designs to meet your project requirements.

Case & Sheet Distribution

Hartung has the capacity to provide you with full cases of mirrors, or we will open up a case and send you any number of sheets. Regardless of your volume, Hartung will work with you to make sure your needs are met.

Design Assistance

Our trusted and experienced design team can help you identify the “right” mirror product to meet all of your project design needs.

Fast Glass

We understand that your business moves fast, and meeting deadlines is essential. We have multiple shifts working around the clock to meet your schedule and your project needs.

Key Product Features


The excellent reflective properties of mirrors make them both functional and aesthetically unique for any application.

Brighten and Enlarge Rooms

Mirrors are often used by interior designers for the effect that they can have on a room, making rooms appear larger and brighter.


There are numerous creative uses for mirrors, including interior decorating, art, research equipment, and safety equipment. Its uses only continue to grow as technology advances.

Minimal Black-edge Corrosion

Quality glass and protective layering reduce the chance of black-edge corrosion in mirrors. Hartung purchases their mirror from top-tier sources to ensure you receive products that are built to last.

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