Design printing on glass has never been easier. Using state-of-the-art digital printing equipment from Dip-Tech, Hartung is equipped to create high-resolution, artistic masterpieces on glass. With Hartung’s High-Definition Glass digital printing technology, you can put full-color photos, logos, patterns and illustrations right onto your glass using our ultra-durable ceramic inks. High Definition glass can be used in monolithic, insulated or laminated glass constructions and is ideal for use in facades, skylights, canopies, Hartung’s TVS All-Glass Entrance Systems, interior partitions and interior décor. Delivering high-quality, durable solutions for commercial, multifamily, hospitality and residential projects.
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Why Choose Hartung?

Endless Pattern and Color Options

At Hartung, we strive to make the customization process simple. Select from Hartung’s expansive pattern collection or design a custom pattern of your own. You have ultimate flexibility and support to customize your high-resolution printed glass.

First-Class Materials and Equipment

Hartung uses state state-of-the-art digital printing equipment from Dip-Tech to create vibrant, high-resolution designs on glass that we only source from world-premiere glass manufacturers.

Design Assistance

With an experienced design team at the ready, we have the resources to help you turn your artistic vision into a tangible piece of glass artwork.

Fast Glass

Hartung’s printing technology is able to quickly and cost-effectively complete printing projects. We work around the clock to meet your schedule and your project needs.

Key Product Features

Full Color Spectrum

Print full-color photos and illustrations right on the glass. Our high-resolution printing capabilities can generate spectacular images on your glass canvas of choice.

Durable and Color Fast

The ceramic inks used in Hartung’s HD Glass products are built to last. You can be confident that it will hold its color in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Glare Reduction

Certain patterns, when used on glass, can be quite effective at minimizing light transmission and glare conditions, making workspaces more comfortable.

Heat Barrier

Patterns and images produced using Hartung’s HD Glass digital printing technology can serve as a partial filter for infrared radiation (heat).


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