Spandrel glass is a type of opacified glass that is used in a façade to conceal areas between floors of a building where structural, mechanical and electrical elements would otherwise be visible to those looking in. Spandrel glass is produced by applying an opacifying agent - which typically comes in the form of a ceramic frit or silicone-based paint material - to a glass substrate. Spandrel glass comes in a wide array of different standard and customizable colors allowing it to be used to aesthetically compliment adjacent glass or other building materials or finishes. Because spandrel glass tends to exhibit higher heat absorption characteristics, Hartung requires that all spandrel products be heat treated to address heightened thermal stress conditions that could adversely affect glass and window seal durability. Spandrel glass is not intended for use in applications that lack a uniform, opaque backdrop or in areas where the spandrel material will have direct outdoor exposure.

Why Choose Hartung?

Multiple Material Options

Hartung offers both Ceramic Frit and Opaci-Coat Spandrel material options. Depending on your specific application needs and design intent, Hartung Glass can work to guide you toward the appropriate spandrel material solution.

Fall-Out Protection

The Silicone-based paint (Opaci-Coat 300) spandrel product offered by Hartung may serve as a means to offer glass fallout protection without the use of traditional fallout product options such as tapes or films.

Large Stock Collection

Hartung carries a large selection of stock glass color options, cutting down on lead time and helping you complete projects faster.

Highly Accurate Custom Color Matching

Creating a custom color is often as easy as identifying a desirable color swatch and sending it to Hartung for matching.

Design Assistance

Our trusted and experienced design team can help you identify the best makeup and color to be harmonized with the surrounding environment.

Key Product Features

Boundless Color Options

Work with Hartung's experienced design team to identify the ideal spandrel color for your building.

Helps Reduce Heat Gain

Spandrel glass works to effectively reduce the penetration of heat into interior building spaces.

Tight Color Tolerance

Spandrel glass has one of the tightest color tolerances in the coatings industry, which increases the aesthetic reliability from sample to final coated glass.

Environmentally Friendly

Opaci-Coat products are lead-free, and have an ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) in application and zero VOC when cured.

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